Things are never static in the empire of Jilly’s Cupcake Bar & Café. Televised contests must be won. Lavish Sunday brunches must be laid out for the weekend sybarites. Cupcakes and desires must be filled and fulfilled, often at once.

Now that Jilly’s has introduced four deluxe branded flavors of ice cream and finagled a spot in the freezers of various Schnucks markets, they are looking to offer them in a proper ice cream shoppe environ.

Jilly’s pastry maven Casey Shiller has announced that they are converting a former chiropractic office adjacent to the cupcake shop into a retail ice cream parlor. “Jilly’s Ice Cream Bar” is tentatively scheduled to open sometime in November, he said.

“It will be just around the corner from Jilly’s,” Shiller explained. “It will share a few walls with the original shop and the staff will be able to pass from the cupcake bar to the ice cream bar and vice-versa, but it will be its own entity. People can walk just a few feet down the sidewalk to go from one shop to the other.”

Shiller shared the initial plans for the ice cream bar’s menu:

– In addition to the four flavors currently available–Cuban Coffee, Island in the Sun, Space Monkey, and 24 Karat Cake (at right)–Jilly’s will develop more so they can eventually offer 15-20 different flavors per month (not all available every day)

-“Chef-inspired flavors” of ice cream will include unusual and even savory options

-Look for ice-cream novelties and ice-cream drinks, including milkshakes

-Select Jilly’s cupcakes will be stuffed to-order with soft-serve ice cream in vanilla bean, Swiss chocolate and hopefully other flavors. “I can imagine a cream cheese ice cream to go inside a carrot-cake cupcake, for instance,” said Shiller

-Jilly’s is developing a new kind of “cake cone” more true to the term, and much better than the “Styrofoam vessel we all expect from a cake cone,” he said.

“We’re going to take our gourmet, luscious cake betters and transform them into waffle cake cones as the perfect accompaniment to the Jilly’s ice cream,” Shiller said. “This will pay homage to the invention of the ice-cream cone at the 1904 World’s Fair, too.”

The expansion will also accommodate an ice-cream production space so Jilly’s can make everything in-house.

The acquisition will include another space, too – an event center for cupcake-centric birthday parties, holiday and office parties, bridal showers, and so on.

“The party space will take our ‘Sprinkle Parties’ to another level, way beyond squeezing icing onto cupcakes. We’re talking about letting people mix buttercreams, fillings and garnishes on-site. We’re working on complete food, beverage and dessert packages now.”

What with the recent shuttering of Jilly’s Cupcake Bar a-Go-Go in Des Peres, it would seem quite literally that one door closes and another door opens.