Wedding Cake Pairings

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Simply Delicious – $3.89 serving

Pairing our vanilla or chocolate cake with our Madagascar vanilla buttercream or dark chocolate buttercream is beautiful in its simplicity!

Missy – $4.69 serving

You can never go wrong with a classic vanilla cake filled with vanilla whipped cream that will have your guests talking long after the reception.

Chocolate Thunder – $4.69 serving

Our chocolate cake filled with dark chocolate ganache and dark chocolate buttercream is truly a chocolate lovers dream.

Twisted Pink Velvet – $4.89 serving

A twist on the traditional red velvet makes it a wonderful surprise to all of your guests.  Pink velvet cake filled with Dulce de leche and vanilla cream cheese will have everyone wanting seconds!

Bee Sting – $4.89 serving

If light and creamy are what you are looking for then this vanilla cake filled with honey lemon curd and lemon cream cheese is the cake for you!

24-Karat – $4.89 serving

Let your senses go wild with the complexity of spices in our carrot cake and then paired with an oh-so-fluffy vanilla whipped cream and smooth cream cheese.  Be careful though, this cake contains nuts!

Reese’s – $5.29 servicing

For the kid in all of us!  Our chocolate (or vanilla) cake filled with dark chocolate ganache and peanut butter mousse will make you feel like a kid again!

Turtle Cheesecake – $5.29 serving

What do you do when you can’t decide between cake and cheesecake?  Combine them of course!  Our chocolate (or vanilla) cake with cheesecake baked into the cake will blow your mind.  Then pairing it with our Dulce de leche and dark chocolate  buttercream filling will send your taste buds on a journey!

Penguin – $5.49 serving

All those wearing tuxedos will match this delicious cake!  Pairing chocolate cake with dark chocolate ganache and cream cheese will be perfect addition to any event.

Strawberry Cheesecake – $5.49 serving

When our vanilla cheesecake gets filled with amazing strawberry jam and strawberry buttercream it is not surprise why this is the best seller.

Lemon Drop – $5.49 serving

Fresh and fruity are perfect words to describe this cake!  Our vanilla cake filled with raspberry jam and lemon cream cheese is definitely a crowd pleaser.

Monthly Favors – start at $5.49 serving


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