About Us

We started with cupcakes. And never looked back!

Of course it is still about the cupcakes – and you have to taste them to believe them – but Jilly’s didn’t stop there.

We partnered with a truly incredible chef who has put together an outstanding menu of breakfast, lunch, and brunch items. Then we decided to start making four delicious flavors of Jilly’s Ice Cream. What started out as an idea to bring the freshest and best ingredients, incredible bakers and pastry chefs with true culinary genius and a fun, comfortable atmosphere has grown into so much more.

We have built partnerships with local grocery stores, like Schnucks and Straub’s, to distribute Jilly’s Cupcakes AND Jilly’s Ice Cream to a wider audience. Jilly’s Cupcakes are also served at local restaurants. Finally, we have added beer, wine and liquor to our menu.

We have come a long way, and we thank our customers for our success! Just like our amazing cupcakes, there are a lot of surprises around the corner.